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Let Us Clean Your Dirty Data!

We will clean all of your dirty email addresses in 24-72 hours.

Keeping a clean and healthy email marketing list is a staple of any email marketing program

Our Email Validation includes the identification and removal of the following:

Spamtraps, Bounces, Complainers, Litigators, Duplicates, Disposables, Departmental, Botclickers, False Positives, Slow Responses, Format Errors, Unicode Characters and checks the mail exchange record for numerous warning signs.

Why Email List Hygiene Is a Serious Marketing Priority

  • Enhance your deliverability: While list hygiene doesn’t guarantee 100 percent deliverability of your emails, it can make a huge improvement. Email list cleaning helps you identify bad records you should eliminate from your list prior to sending.
  • Avoid negative effects on your sending efforts: Failure to manage your email lists makes you vulnerable to spam traps, invalid email addresses, leads that sign up with non-deliverable domains or simple typos, and more. Email list cleaning helps you avoid all of these potential pitfalls.
  • Speed up delivery: A bad list can slow your delivery rate to the end recipient, as receivers can throttle your mail or completely block you.
  • Enhance your online reputation: If you start a campaign with a list of old, stale, duplicate, or unverified email addresses, you could produce high spam complaints, reach invalid emails, and/or hit spam traps. Each of these hurts your reputation and negates your efforts. On the other hand, sending emails to a clean list of genuinely interested prospects enhances your brand and boosts your return.
  • Increased ROI: There’s no chance of a sale if you send emails to bad addresses. Your campaign could even backfire if you send to invalid email addresses or spam traps. Increase ROI by performing data hygiene first.

Data Hygiene

25K Emails

Data Hygiene

50K Emails

Data Hygiene

250K Emails

Data Hygiene

500K Emails

Data Hygiene

1 Million Emails

Compare other email validation sites where they charge

My-Solo-Ads Email Checker Email Hippo Never Bounce
Emails Data Hygiene Data Hygiene Data Hygiene Data Hygiene
25,000 $50 $149 $125 $125
50,000 $75 $249 $150 $250
100,000 $100 $495 $300 $400
250,000 $175 N/A $700 $750
500,000 $250 N/A $1,400 $1,500
1,000,000 $500 N/A N/A $2,500

Don’t Send Another Message Until You Get Your Data Cleaned!

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